Pre-Management Consultancy

We are the No.1 Choice of provider for professional management services in Asia Pacific with approx 390 million square feet of prime commercial, luxury residential, shopping centres and industrial properties under management.  In Hong Kong alone, we currently manage approximately 33 million square feet, comprising some 17 million square feet in prime commercial space and over 16 million square feet in luxury residential properties.

What do we do?

Appointed as a consultant in the early stages of the property development process, we follow our mandate to establish an exclusive team to identify and plan for proper future management and operation of the asset.

How do we do?

Being forewarned is forearmed. Our team closely analyses and reports on the key issues from the occupiers’ standpoint on areas of design, technical and maintenance requirement, pre-alerting the client and so avoiding any fundamental design faults in the development and preventing loss of client time and money.

Who do we work for?

Developer, either local private developers or fund investors and traditional high-net-worth families.


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