Facilities Management

Savills delivers an essential range of services to meet your bottom line in quality, efficiency, value and safety during your daily business operations.


Our expertise

  • Over 20 years' experience in the facilities management industry
  • Extensive expertise with a diverse range of clients  enables us to deliver the right strategy at the right price
  • Field experts and a comprehensive database for benchmarking and delivering best practice standards
  • Huge pool of labour and technical resources readily on hand to be mobilised in times of need
  • Incorporates Savills Showcase, our specialised event planning team
  • Unparalleled support network and regional collaboration of ideas within the Savills Group

Savills is in a unique position, having worked for a diverse range of clients from both landlords and end-users in private and public organisations. This gives us a clear understanding of clients’ needs in the facilities management market. Being able to tap into a huge resource pool of labour and resources from our parent company enables us to explore further opportunities in economies of scale. With our attention to detail combined with strategic know-how, Savills has the perseverance to succeed.


Key contacts

Angel Kam

Angel Kam

Deputy Managing Director
Property Management

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