Mortgage Valuation

The Valuation and Professional Services Department  provides a full range of valuation services for properties, businesses, as well as plant & machinery across Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macao. The department also provides consultancy services on land matters, extensive market research as well as development advice.

What do we do?

We actively serve the banking sector for the property valuations of residential, office, commercial, industrial and hotel and casinos primarily for bank financing purposes. We also value distressed properties and advise mortgagees-in-possession on the appropriate prices and methods of sale. Additionally, we have a very strong track record in commercial valuations for syndication loan and property securitisations.

How do we work?

With the strongest database in town, Savills offers the most prompt and accurate mortgage valuations to banks, financial institutions and the business sector. We keep our clients posted with the latest property market updates through hosting seminars, workshops and send them regular reports and bulletins.

Who do we work for?

Most leading banks and financial institutions in Macao and Hong Kong.


Key contacts

Cindy Liu

Cindy Liu

Director & Head of Valuation (Macau)

Savills Macao

+853 8506 6223