Development Consultancy

Savills Retail provides comprehensive advisory services across all sectors of Macao retail property. Retailers, landlords and investors alike continue to benefit from our expertise as a single source of pragmatic, market-based advice.

What do we do?

Our extensive experience includes some of the largest and most successful retail projects in the region. Our advice is thus deal-proven and in line with current market. Our consultancy process for large international projects ensures clear communication with retailers, team members, and most importantly, our client.

How do we work?

Savills provides customised solutions that add tangible value throughout the development consultancy process. We work with a thorough understanding of the clients’ objectives and risk levels before submitting key deliverables and opportunities for value enhancement. Our leasing strategies are benchmarked to define and achieve the optimum tenant mix and rental levels.

Who do we work for?

Leading overseas and local developers, landlords and investors from both the public and private sector.


Key contacts

Franco Liu

Franco Liu

Managing Director
Central Management

Savills Macao

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