Savills research & consultancy aims to offer objective advice to clients in order to help them make well informed real estate related decisions and realise pre-defined goals.

What do we do?

Current and future real estate market conditions need to be understood when assessing the feasibility of a project, when developing an occupation strategy, or deciding when to enter a market. We also offer many forms of market analyses requiring accurate forecasts, particularly for Initial Public Offering (IPO) documents.

How do we work?

Using bespoke models and techniques, we are able to project key variables and provide rational bases for our projections. We also provide forecasts for rapidly developing markets which is particularly challenging.

Who do we work for?

Property funds, banks, private investors and corporates.


Key contacts

Franco Liu

Franco Liu

Managing Director
Central Management

Savills Macao

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Simon Smith

Simon Smith

Senior Director
Research & Consultancy

12/F Cityplaza One

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