Financial Modelling

Savills research & consultancy aims to offer objective advice to clients in order to help them make well informed real estate related decisions and realise pre-defined goals.

What do we do?

We offer a series of financial models for clients including Occupational cost models, Lease v Purchase and Development feasibility studies. In all cases we give the most accurate analysis and explicit forecasting.

How do we work?

Savills does not use off-the-shelf ‘black box’ models; we prefer to tailor each study to the client’s exact needs. Every model is different and all variables and assumptions should be precisely recorded.

Who do we work for?

Tenants considering lease options, or purchase, developers examining project returns or landlords looking at optimising portfolio returns.


Key contacts

Franco Liu

Franco Liu

Managing Director
Central Management

Savills Macao

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Simon Smith

Simon Smith

Senior Director
Research & Consultancy

12/F Cityplaza One

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