Leasing & Project Marketing

Savills is a leading service provider to the Macao office sector. Our teams deliver first class coverage and expertise throughout the territory and the Asia Pacific region.

What do we do?

Savills works closely with landlords and investors to position (or re-position) individual properties or entire portfolios.

How do we work?

With a strong team of strategists and marketing agents who have 24/7 access to our proprietary database of tenants, lease expiries and international contacts, our clients have market clarity and access to an unmatched dealing platform. Savills assists owners in analysing the highest and best use of their site, critiquing design plans to ensure they work in the real world, and developing a branding and marketing campaign which best positions projects within the marketplace.

Who do we work for?

We provide project marketing and leasing services to all major local and overseas developers, investors, funds and landlords.


Key contacts

Franco Liu

Franco Liu

Managing Director
Central Management

Savills Macao

+853 8506 6228