The Fountainside

Rua da Padre Antonio No. 41-47, Macau


The Fountainside is a niche, low-density, freehold property situated in a prime location in the historic Penha Hill district of Macau. Residents enjoy the privilege of being close to the city’s cultural attractions, and The Fountainside also offers easy access to the central business district, quality schools, entertainment facilities, ferry terminals and Macau International Airport. It’s thoughtfully designed to incorporate modern utilities such as private garages, landscaped gardens, gym facilities and its eco-friendly green roof. To preserve its historic elegance, The Fountainside’s Portuguese-style façade was carefully retained, in a juxtaposition of modern living within a cultural heritage site.


Property features

Number of floors:   6
B1-B2 Carpark:   cps: 30, mps: 17
G/F – 3/F House:
G/F – 1/F Duplex:
4/F The Terraco:
1/F – 6/F Apartment:
  4 - 3,047 ~ 3,800 sq ft
2 - 2,414 ~ 3,595 sq ft
2 - 1,466 ~ 1,503 sq ft
34 - 570 ~ 1,800 sq ft
Windsor Arch