Praia Grande & Praia Peninsula



Praia Grande and Praia Peninsula is composed of two connected sites. Praia Peninsula is 29-storey residential building, 4th floor is the clubhouse, 5th -27th floor are typical units, 28th -29th floor have some duplex units. There is 297 prime residential units in total and 16 shops are located at the ground floor, basement 1st -3rd are car park which provides 589 car parking spaces. The ratio of residential unit and car parking space is 1:1.3. The completion date of these properties will be at Q4 in 2017.


Property Features

Location:   Bacia Sul do Patane – Lote D & Bacia Norte do Patane – Lote E
Number of Towers:   2
Number of Floors:   29
Size Range:   1,037 - 3,689 sq ft
Number of Units:   465
Management Fee:   $1.5 per sq ft
Praia Grande & Praia Peninsula